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1. “All of my horses are on Mushroom Matrix Products. We couldn’t have achieved as much success as we have without the help of the Mushroom Matrix Products. Its something you NEVER want to leave home without. My horses’ careers and constant stress of training and competition together can be challenging. The products have helped me put together a program that supports all of my horses wellbeing both mentally and physically. I am grateful to Mushroom Matrix for all they do..”

Jennifer Hoffman – USA – FEI International Dressage Rider currently living in Germany

Jennifer Hoffman Matrix

2. “I have had horrible pain in my neck for years and have tried many different therapies and medications to find relief, after using Equine Matrix human formula (Critical Care), I finally have relief. Because of their very high standards in manufacturing practices, I feel confident in its safety regarding my health.”

Nick Skelton UK – Olympic Gold Medalist fo Britain.

nick skelton Mushroom Matrix

3. “I have been using Equine Matrix products for both my horses and myself and have really seen and felt the difference. Nothing gives you more confidence in a product than seeing such good results and Equine Matrix has done just that! I will definitely be keeping a supply in my feed room.”

Robert Whitaker – UK – Senior Ranked International Showjumper

robert whitaker Matrix Sponsor

4. “My top show jumper Cedric who is 17 years old, has won International competition including the Trump International, we owe it to Equine Matrix. Cedric feels like a young boy again. We love our Matrix.”

Laura Kraut – USA – Olympic Gold Medalist for USA

Laura Kraut Matrix

5.“Six months ago my 7 year old off track racehorse, who is now a 3-day Eventer, was throwing shoes at a multiple rate. As the shoes flew off so did part of his front hooves, it looked like a chain saw went through them. The walls seemed to shrink; the frog was soft; and the horn was cushy. Maybe a thrush issue? The vet said no, needless to say it was disturbing. My 13 year old daughter (rider) was distraught. My farrier hit his ceiling on what to do next – X-rays showed no internal issues. I simply didn’t know where to turn. I pulled the horse out of heavy training and gave him down time. I was turned on to the Matrix products; in particular Matrix Farrier and Matrix GI. So i gave Matrix a try – virtually my last hope. Prior to Matrix Farrier I had him on other hoof (biotin) products. Over the course of the next 3 months, the hoof walls made a rapid recovery. A month later he was back in training. Six weeks later he did 2 two days of cross country schooling without incident. It was like he’d never missed a beat. Matrix GI offered a nice compliment to the Matrix Farrier. The GI dosage replaced a daily regiment of Ranitidine (ulcer prevention/stomach gases). I’m no expert about mushrooms or anything organic. What I do know is that my horse is back in action with show season around the corner. Thank you Matrix.”
Larry – California 



6. “Just stating….I credit a lot of my horses physical strength and mental focus to Equine Matrix! It is an integral part of our program and we don’t leave home without it.”

Ashlee Bond – USA – International Showjumper Nationals Cup winner, World Cup Qualifier …..

Ashlee Bond Matrix

7. “In the beginning I was skeptical, but now I’m convinced…..Our horses are more vital and concentrated.”

Isabell Werth – Germany – 4 Times Olympic Dressage Gold Medalist

Isabell Werth Martrix

8. “We have used Mushroom Matrix products for over a year now and have been so impressed with the results on every horse we have tried it on. Our horses are healthy, strong and sound thanks to Matrix”

Steffen and Shannon Peters – USA – Four times Olympic dressage rider and 3 times USEF horseman of the year.

steffen peters matrixshannonmatrix

9. “My horses finished six weeks in Thermal as fresh and sound as they started. Our clients all commented on the difference in the horses they were riding since they’ve been on Mushroom Matrix program. We were feeding less grain week 6 than week 1 – Incredible! The feet were growing faster and stronger. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it. Anyone who knows me, knows how hands on I am. I noticed a huge difference. A great deal of success myself, Duncan and our clients had, in my opinion, is because of Equine Matrix.”

Helen McNaught – International World Cup ShowJumper and Trainer

Duncan McFarlane – International World Cup and Olympic ShowJumper and Trainerhelen mcnaught and duncan





10. “We didn’t know what else to do. We had a horse that had become unridable, angry & stressed. He did’t want you near him or any tack on. We tried most things as well as having him fully checked by a vet. It was thought he maybe suffering from HindGut Ulcers. The products on the market seemed stupidly expensive or didn’t work so we contacted Helen McNaught and she put us in touch with Equine Matrix. This was the start of something special… When we learnt about the mushrooms, at first we were skeptical, but at our wits end we thought we had nothing to lose. Equine Matrix has changed that horse, he is happy, put on condition and top line and back out winning his Showjumping classes. What a result! We then started taking the supplement ourselves and after feeling the results, helping with back pain, stiffness, energy levels and much more we didn’t have to think hard about putting all our horses on Equine Matrix. This is when we decided that the UK and Europe were missing out on these products that could help so many horses, dogs and people and at an affordable price. We are now Mushroom Matrix UK!”

Iain Cart – UK – IC Sport Horses, National Showjumper and HOYS Qualifier

Iain Cart Mushroom Matrix

11. “In our Sport the horses and ourselves always need a little help. Equine Matrix provides a variety of 100% organic supplements to combat a range of conditions. I would recommend Mushroom Matrix to anyone wanting to improve their horses health and performance.”

John Whitaker MBE – A European, World and Olympic Showjumping Champion for GB

John Whitaker Matrix

12. “A big thank you to Matrix Mushrooms, my horse with Lymphatic system problems has been amazing since being on them. No fat legs so one happy broodmare. We have also put the really old gun dog on to try. A truly amazing difference, no longer old and creaky, trots round tail wagging and ears up. Thank you Iain and Mushroom Matrix.”

Janina Berkshire -UK