Bemer Rug

Mushroom Matrix UK /EU are proud to be stockists of the new vet line rug from…...


The new system everyone is talking about…

Discovered by two Harvard doctors in 1972 who went on to be Nobel Prize winners in 1998.

First developed for the human market the BEMER rug is a pulsed magnetic therapy system like no other.

Extensive scientific research has proven the BEMER system activates the pumps within the micro vessels, making up 74% of the body, where blood flow is at its lowest.

The signal used is unique and can penetrate deeper delivering more blood flow to these vessels, allowing the body to function more efficiently.

Why increased blood flow is so important?

 Promotes healing
Increases stamina & performance
Supports regeneration & recovery
Reduces stress
Faster regeneration of muscle tissue
Accelerates the process of recovery after injury
Relieves pain
Reduces fatigue
Higher oxygen utilisation

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