Mushroom Matrix – The Natural Solution

Medicinal Mushrooms have been used for centuries as a powerful yet natural alternative to drugs.
Scientific research has revealed extensive health benefits from using mushrooms.

Our powerful blends of 100% Organic mush­room powder provides natural whole-food support for crit­ical health condi­tions and used as a preventative measure.

Certified by the Organic Food Federation, safe to use on an on-going basis and are vet recommended.

***Equine Matrix products have been tested and DO NOT contravene current Jockey Club or FEI rules.***

***Safe to use during competition.***

What makes us different from other supplements?

We supply a variety of products to support every need split into two categories – Blends and Straights.

What is a blend? A blend contains several species of mushrooms to provide an overall wellbeing, each blend contains a dominant mushroom relevant to that particular blend.

What is a straight? A straight is one individual species of mushroom used to strengthen the blend.

We realise that like humans each animal is an individual, which is why we offer a personalised package to suit your requirements, creating an all in one natural solution.

What we need?
We ask for a full history of your horse/dog so we can recommend the best products.

Please contact us for advice on creating the best formula for you.

Mushroom Matrix

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